Because of Covid19 it is unknown whether the cheesemarket can continue. If there is more known, it will be publiced on this page.

Cheese market Alkmaar

Visit the cheese market of Alkmaar and discover this historical cheese town.

With the cruise ship from shipping company “De Schans” to the cheese market.
The departure from the ship is 9:00 am while having a snack and a coffee or tea,
You are exactly at time to hear the cheese bell at 10:00 am.
After the cheese market you can go to the town and enjoy the many big and small shops, atmospheric canals and beautiful monuments.
About 3:00 pm the cruise ship lays again for you to go back to the campsite De Boekel with a tour through Alkmaar.
The costs for these beautiful tour included one consumption is € 12.00 p.p.

You can also play farm golf or canoeing by us.